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Paul DiMaio, Esq. is a Philadelphia, PA based Attorney specializing in Criminal Defense, Drug/DUI Offenses & Family Law. 

Areas of Law Practiced

Criminal Defense

Mr. DiMaio has been successfully trying Criminal Cases in Philadelphia, handling both State and Federal Cases for almost a decade.  As a former Police Officer, and the Son of a prominent New England Criminal Defense Attorney, he offers a unique perspective to his cases and defenses that few other attorneys can offer.  He regularly will see his clients if imprisoned and makes himself available at all times for questions and concerns for Clients and their Families.  He will take the time to explain all options and courses of actions regarding your particular case.  He has established a phenomenal reputation with both the District Attorney's Office and Judges, further ensuring that his Clients get the best outcomes.  Mr. DiMaio believes that his Law Practice can offer both an expert experience and personable Counsel.

Family & Divorce Law

Mr. DiMaio has found that much of his Criminal Trial Experience has applied to his almost 10 years practicing Family and Divorce Law and vice versa.  As a married Father of five children, two with Special Needs and Autism, as well as a Granddaughter, he strives to keep the best interests of his Client and the Family Unit at the forefront.  He will advocate for his Clients in Divorce Proceedings and guide his Clients on making decisions by explaining all options and courses of action throughout the process. Most importantly, when and if child(ren) are involved he will fight for their best interest, including Custody, Visitation and Child Support, as well as Special Needs required by the child(ren) and Relocation Proceedings. He makes himself available at all times to answer any questions, concerns or immediate issues that may arise before, during and after Family Law Cases, Processes and Proceedings.

Drug & DUI Offenses

Drug and DUI Offenses can often be life changing charges and need a strong Defense.  Once again, Mr. DiMaio's past experience as a Police Officer give him insight into these particular types of cases that often are overlooked by those without such knowledge. He breaks down the charges and cases right from the beginning by looking at the how the evidence for the charges were obtained and the legitimacy of the processes used by the Police Officers.  His relationships with the Prosecutor's Office and Drug/DUI Court to fight and advocate for the best possible outcomes, very often winning an ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) Sentence for his Clients thereby avoiding jail time.  He has ten years experience as an Attorney and twelve years experience as a Police Officer in handling Drug and DUI Cases from both sides of the Law.   

Cost & Expense of Retaining Legal Services

Often the unknown cost and expense of hiring an Attorney is the primary deterrent for proceeding with Private Counsel. 

If you or someone you care for finds themselves in the difficult situation of requiring an experienced Attorney, especially pertaining to the areas of law that Mr. DiMaio practices and has expertise in, it is typically an unexpected expense and strain that was not accounted for. 

Mr. DiMaio, understanding how stressful this can be for all involved, chooses not to charge on a fee per hour basis with an unknown amount at the end of his services. He instead charges one flat fee for all aspects pertaining to your case, from start to finish. 

Furthermore, Mr. DiMaio does not charge any fees for an initial consultation. After you have spoken with him directly regarding the particular aspects of your case and/or charges, a sum total for the necessary legal services the case or charges requires is provided to you. 

In addition, The Law Office of Paul DiMaio, Esq. will be happy to take a reasonable initial deposit towards that total amount to start representing you and enter his appearance with the Court on your behalf. Going forth, monthly payments can then be arranged until the total balance is paid in full. 

The Law Office of Paul DiMaio, Esq. is focused on providing superior Legal Counsel and Services to all Clients and Potential Clients, and utilizing a flat fee system is just one of the ways that ensures this central goal and main priority of Mr. DiMaio are consistently achieved. 

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